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HIGH ANGLE  PRODUCTIONS is focused on providing high-quality [ HD] video production for a variety of customers in California and and beyond. We are a youthful organization that thrives on learning cutting edge editing techniques in the film and media industry. With skilled film makers and editors, we pride ourselves in providing most; if not all aspects of film production to our clients.



From highlighting local businesses and events to educational films , High Angle Productions has the flexibility to work around your special events parameters.

We utilize the Canon 5D and 7D DSLR cameras which create the optimum lighting and [HD] picture quality. Our L-series lenses create a crisp and beautiful look that our customers want.  Our cameras are light and operational which also ensure manuverability.


We edit with the latest version of Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier which allows us to color correct, add effects, and mold a video to the customers desires. We are constantly learning new cutting edge editing techniques to create a masterpiece for our clients.


Once your video is done we compress, format, process the completed footage, and create a specialized DVD. We then separate it into chapters which enable the user to move around the DVD chapters efficiently. We also offer slideshows which allow our customers to view images at a steady pace to music of their choice.  All DVD menus are specifically created to include photos of the event.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Lets Talk.​


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